1 Day chimpanzee tour ushers you to Ngamba Island a chimpanzee sanctuary for a day primate excursion. This gives you an opportunity to spot orphaned chimpanzees rescued and brought to this island which has now become their everlasting home.

Ngamba Island is a small forest Island located 23km offshore of Entebbe on the largest fresh water body lake in Africa that is Lake Victoria which its major aim of rescuing and giving care to the orphaned chimpanzee. The island is home to about 49 chimps and is definitely worth a visit.

Major highlights of 1 Day Chimpanzee tour on Ngamba Island

  • Lake Victoria boat ride
  • Chimpanzee viewing
  • Crossing the Equator on your boat ride

For those who might not be physically prepared for chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest National Park, Ngamba Island is a great day trip from Entebbe.

Offering both day trips and overnight chimpanzee experiences, Ngamba Island is a great place to learn more about our closest living relatives. Day trips feature the chimpanzee feeding, while longer stays allow guests to camp on the island, go hiking, and act as a chimpanzee caregiver for a day.

For the truly commited, the sanctuary also offers one week and one month volunteering positions.

Detailed Itinerary for the 1 Day Chimpanzee tour on Ngamba Island

The visit to this island is held in two sections which involve the morning section and the afternoon section and you can choose a desired section of your choice. A full visit to this island is also possible and can be organized on your request

Morning section

  • The tour starts by pick up from your place of preference to Lake Victoria for the 9am morning boat shift to the island. Cruise over the waters of Lake Victoria for about 45 minutes while spotting different birds flying over the lake, local fishermen casting their nests and cross the equator line on water.
  • Arrive at the beautiful Ngamba Island; spot other different bird species feeding on the shores of the lake such as fish eagles, kingfishers and monitor lizards along the shores.  Head to the visitors center for a brief about your tour on the island, different activities on the island and a history about this beautiful island.
  • Have breakfast on the island and at 11am you with go for chimp viewing on the viewing platform as the caregivers feed the chimps with fruits. This is such an amazing experience as chimps come out of the forest to get fruits, the sounds they make, the interactions they make with their fellow chimps and much more.
  • After chimp viewing you will be taken to different chimpanzee centres on the island, including the food store area, chimpanzee clinic with a caregiver who will brief you at each center you reach. This marks the end of the session.

Opt to come back on the mainland and visit the Entebbe zoo to see different animals in sections representing Uganda wildlife.


Opt for a tour around the island and visiting traditional fishing villages, people around the island and much more

Afternoon session

This session takes you to Lake Victoria for a boat at 12pm and the chimpanzee feeding sessions at 2pm.

On this session you can get involved in the food preparation process for the chimpanzee and the other activity will be a brief about the island, chimp viewing at a platform, visiting various centres and come back to your place of resident.

Tour incursions

  • Chimp permits
  • Transportation
  • Meals for the tour and bottled water
  • Pick-ups and drop-offs
  • Tour exclusions
  • Tips and gratitudes
  • Any other personal interests


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