On this 1 day equator tour, visit the equator which divides the earth into two parts that is the northern and southern hemisphere. Stand on the middle of the Equator line and let imagination run wild. A great photo opportunity more than anything ad have one foot in the northern hemisphere and one in the south.

Visit Mpanga forest a small rainforest along Mpigi Masaka highway an excellent gateway for nature lovers. The forest is gifted with rare tree species, colourful birds,  butterflies, moths, primates such as monkeys with small mammals such as squirrels to mention but a few. This is such an impressive list this small forest has got to offer.

Highlights of the Tour

  • Amazing forest walk
  • Stand on the middle of the equator
  • Great experiments about the two hemispheres
  • Great equator photographs

Equator Day programme

  • Morning pick up by our driver for this day tour. Travel via Kampala Masaka highway and make your first stop at the Mpanga forest eco-tourism site.
  • Set out on a beautiful forest walk in Mpanga forest walking under the cool forest canopies while observing different tree species, birds the forest has got to offer, monkeys, listening to the wonderful sounds in the forest. This walk shows you Mother Nature at its best.
  • Proceed with your journey to the Equator which is the highlight of the day.¬† At the Equator set monuments built on opposite sides of the road with a statement of Uganda Equator on them, stand within both hemispheres at once. Carry out experiments with a local guide to see how water drains while on the equator line, north and southern hemispheres and this experiment will live you wondering.
  • Take great memorable photographs and choose your lunch in one of the hemispheres of your choice. After lunch, hunt for souvenirs from the vast craft shops around the equator which you will keep for yourself as memories of this amazing tour.
  • Come back to Kampala where you will arrive in the late evening and be dropped off to your place of residence or airport