1 Day Kampala City Tour

Although some travelers may be tempted to skip over African cities, Kampala’s offerings are worthy of inclusion on any itinerary while in Uganda. Kampala the vibrant capital of Uganda is located in the central region on the shores of Lake Victoria. The city has many attractions, destinations and tourist activities ranging from events, prime time venues, hotels and is referred to as East Africa’s happiest city.

The city gets its name from “Impala” a medium sized antelope that used to roam its jungles where Kampala seats today.  The city is built on seven hills which hold some of the best attractions the city offers including religious places, commercial areas, political command centers, cultural sites and much more. Kampala will amaze you with its beauty, culture and hospitality before you venture the rest of the country.

Attractions to visit

Kabaka’s (King) Palace and Parliament

The palace is built on a hill and is the main house of the ruling Buganda king.  This palace is one the oldest is the region with the Buganda kingdom dating over 800 year ago. It’s gifted with amazing cultural elements, beliefs and norms of the kingdom which the local guide with guide you through. The Buganda parliament where the king plus his ministers sit to decide on matters concerning his kingdom. This tour to the rich with history and facts you cannot get from anywhere else so is worthy your visit.

Kabaka’s lake

This is the largest man-made lake in Eastern African which was made on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga so that he could use it as an escape plan from his enemies. The lake later remained as a royal symbol and is home to a number of bird species and a local fishing spot.

Baha’i Temple

Uganda host on the temples of the Baha’i faith in Africa. The Baha’i temple also sits on a hill overlooking Kampala city and is gifted with beautiful gardens, trees a cool environment, and also hosts some of the unique architectural designs in Kampala.

Rubaga and Namirembe Cathedral

Visit these two cathedrals all built on dormant hills and give the best views of Kampala city. Rubaga is the oldest catholic cathedral and is part of the Catholic Church in Uganda while Namirembe is also dated back in the old days of the Buganda kingdom and forms part of the Anglican church of Uganda.  These cathedrals have some of the best structures you can sight in Kampala.

Gadaffi National Mosque

Sited on old Kampala hill is Gadaffi mosque which was built by the late colonel Muammar Gadaffi. This mosque has one of the best artifact design in cannot find anywhere In Uganda. On this mosque you will see the whole of Kampala city.

Craft Markets and local Markets

These have amazing crafts, art; souvenirs etc. so if you’re in need of souvenirs visit one of these markets and support the local people.   Visit nakasero market filled with fresh fruits and vegetables all located in the center of Kampala

Namugongo Martyrs Shrines

This is a memorial place where 22 martyrs where built by Kabaka Mwanga due to their faith. Every 3rd June believers fill these place to commemorate the act of these brave religious heroes. visit this place and see a well believers consider to be having holy water, get history about the martyrs and much more.

Note: In the evening you can opt to visit the Ndere cultural center for amazing cultural and traditional performances Uganda has got to offer and relax off your evening in a thrilling way.


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