Advice and Travel tips on a Uganda Safari

Essential travel travel, things you need to know while traveling to Uganda. Basic advices while taking on a safari trip to Uganda, the necessary information you need to know while visiting Uganda. Visit Uganda today with these travel tips and advice.

Uganda travel tips and advice

Best time to visit Uganda.

Uganda is gifted with good weather all around the year which permits you to travel to the country. You don’t need to worry about visit Uganda anytime of the year although most visitors prefer doing their safaris and gorilla treks in the drier months which allows for easy visibility and less difficulties.

Uganda has two seasons that is the wet and dry seasons with rains from March till May and October to November, drier months are December to February and June to August.  Although it’s like that, the beauty of Uganda is that the sun usually shines even after it has just showered giving Uganda a whole year round holiday weather for you to enjoy your stay. Don’t hesitate to book your trip anytime of the year, lodges in cool places such as Bwindi impenetrable national park usually provide hot water for you in the showers for you to have a warm bath.

How to get to Uganda, fly in Uganda on your trip

Uganda has one international airport which is Entebbe international airport. You need to fly to this airport since it’s the gateway in Uganda. You then start your adventure on arrival by pick up from our driver and then discover other parts of the country.

For gorilla trekkers, there is yet another option of flying in Rwanda at Kigali international airport, pick up and then drive to Bwindi impenetrable national park or Mgahinga national park which is less than a 5 hour drive to the parks. This is an option for most of the visitors who don’t want to take the long 9hr drive from Entebbe.

How do I get the Uganda tourist visa  

Well if you are coming to Uganda, you can easily get your Uganda visa at Entebbe international airport on arrival. The process is simple and it costs only $50. For those traveling throughout East Africa, the same works, obtain your East African visa at the airport to at $100 which allows you travel though Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda.

Then if at all your entering Uganda by land, the entry points/borders is where you can obtain both your visas, the Uganda visa or East African visa. But well again you could get it via online but the process is a bit slow. Obtaining the visa on arrival is what you should go for


Plan and prepare for your Trip

Travelling to Africa, Uganda differs from other areas such as Europe and more. So while coming to Uganda, preparations and planning prior to your visit are essential, google about the country, read something about Uganda, there are lots of documents on Youtube, you might consider watching some of them, research a little bit to get a picture of what to expect.

But it’s also best to plan with a tour operator or company like Bowi Afrca tours and travel being a local operator and use its services. This is perhaps the best way of planning, planning with someone on the ground. Bowi Africa tours is always helpful and you can read out local news and inquiry from a friend who has ever been to the country.

What to bring on your Uganda trip/ packing for your trip

Well this is one of the essentials if you’re coming to Uganda. Why are you visiting the country, it is for a wildlife safari, gorilla trek, business travel or volunteering? Apart from the more extra clothes required for a gorilla trek, consider travelling light, the weather is Uganda is good, some accommodation facilities provide laundry services, and clothes dry in a few hours after being washed.

Don’t come around carrying those large suitcases just keep with the essentials you need as a person.

Check out our what to bring page for what to carry on your safari


Advice/tips about money

In Uganda, we use the Uganda shillings but the US dollar is also well recognised in the country. Most of tour and travel payments are made in dollars. Unlike Western countries, Credit card payments are not such much popular in the country, ATM are spread in major towns but deep down in the remote areas they are rare to be found.

Travellers’ cheques are not accepted in everyplace and payments using cards, such as Visa, credit and debit cards, a surcharge of 5% is always deducted.

So in Uganda, cash works best for almost everything, consider carrying cash with you on your travel because everything is about cash cash and cash. Even companies such as Bowi Africa tours and travel accept cash upon arrival on your trip so put it in mind.

Tipping on a Uganda trip

Tipping is one of the ways to say thank you to a person. Well as Uganda may not have that tipping culture with it, we advise you to atleast tip your service providers such as waiters, waitresses, porters, lodge staff as well of gratitude or their work.

We don’t levy what you should tip but we leave it to you to decide, your driver-guide is one of the people you should tip since he handles you for your whole trip while in Uganda. This is one of the ways of supporting a Ugandan family or friend while on your trip.

Think about tipping while on your Uganda safari, it’s such a blessing to the life of a Ugandan.

Health tips on coming to Uganda

If you’re coming to Uganda for your safari trip, it’s advisable you contact your medical personal before coming to Uganda. For those with special illness carry your prescribed medicine to enjoy your stay here.

For those coming to Uganda, your required to have a yellow fever vaccination upon arrival. There some does and don’ts you will follow to keep in good condition and the good news is the travellers don’t get sick from their Uganda safari apart from getting intestinal discomfort sometimes.

There are mosquitoes in some parts of the country so carrying anti malaria tabs or an insect repellent is essential on your Uganda safari trip.

Tips about Safari and advice

One of the essential tips is combing your gorilla trek with a  safari in you, don’t bother flying out to Kenya, Tanzania, or South Africa for a safari after your gorilla trek. While Uganda is one of the best safari destinations you can visit.

Apart from that, you need to know what to bring for your safari, what to wear, what to eat, where to stay and more. Knowing these contributes to a giant safari experience which we always want you to get. Just inquire from us since we always want you to get the best out of your safari.

Food tips, what to eat and not to eat

Uganda without doubt has some of the best foods in the region and for the foodies, it got you served.  Kampala and most parts of Uganda have restaurants and bars that offer continental meals and local foods so you don’t need to worry about that to eat on your stay in Uganda.

But you should avoid eating foods from street vendors, ice cubes in drinks, tap water because in Uganda it’s not safe for drinking, cold foods, fresh fruits without being washed, green salads because most of these will get you an intestinal disorder. And for vegetarians please always report so that necessary arrangements can be made for you since we don’t want you to be left out while on a safari. For all with food alleges report as well.

Avoid eating anything outside of your lodge or hotel since it may be not to the standards.

Security and safety tips while in Uganda

If you’re traveling to Uganda, it’s one of the countries in the region, peace is everywhere, national parks are secure and Kampala as a capital is also one of the safest security one. But you need to handle your valuables well and secure them all the time. Put your money properly while moving on the streets.

Don’t worry alone in the night, it’s better to have a friend with you and a Uganda is preferable as well. We know you love travelling to a secure place and Uganda is one of their. Enjoy your safari always without fear of anything, infact even game drives and gorilla trekkers always are escorted by an armed ranger to ensure that you’re safe.

Which language due they use in Uganda?

Well Uganda has more than 40 indigenous dialects due to its diverse cultures but this isn’t a reason you shouldn’t visit the country. English remains the national language of the country and is widely spoken in tourist destinations by the warming people of Uganda. And Uganda has won accolades as the best English speaking country in Africa.

Swahili is also widely spoken and to the English speaking people Uganda should be on your bucket list. For other languages such as Spanish, Italian, French, German, these can be arranged for you on require for your safari. All you know is to ask.

People and their Culture

The culture of Uganda and its people is one of thing you should look out for and enjoy. Make a little research about it, history, beliefs, norms and more. Uganda has over 50 indigenous tribes all spread out in the country.

Knowing about them will make your stay even more exciting, they have lots of interesting facts, dances, stories and more. In the central region there is the Baganda tribe one of the largest, the pygmies in the south west who offer the Batwa trial culture experience which is one of the add ons of a gorilla trip, the Toro kingdom in the west, karamong people in the north and the Ik people in the extreme north who can only be got to on a footpath. Culture on a Uganda trip is one of the things you couldn’t miss out. It’s better if you know something about it.

Learn some basic language words especially luganda. It’s all fun doing.

Women solo travellers tips and advice

Women all over the world tend to attract a lot of attention and it’s the same in Uganda. As a woman, its advice to travel with a tour company such as Bowi Africa tours and travel since you are given guide who is allows with you to ensure you’re safe. Apart from that a simple ‘no’ to someone is okay and avoid being out alone at night.

Wi Fi

Staying connected while in Uganda.  Most of the lodges and hotels have wireless internet now and so its easier to stay in touch to home thanks to the latest developments and revolutions in tech. But it’s also advisable you obtain a local simcard especially MTN or Airtel on arrival to keep in touch with locals. They also now offer wide 4G internet coverage in the country.

But most remote areas have not internet connectivity so it may be difficult for you to access internet services where there.

Voltage and plugs to bring on your Uganda trip or Safari

Uganda standard voltage is between 230-240 volts. You will need to bring plugssimilar to the UK plugs since they are popularly spread throughout the country. The three square pin sockets are everywhere, we recommend you bring a voltage converter, travel adapter and plug adapter for US appliances.

But be aware that power shortages can occur throughout the country for over 12 hours, but the good thing is that some lodges and hotels have backup generators and solar power.

What to do in Uganda

Go for the ultimateonce in a lifetime adventures from Kampala city tours and one day walking tours, to adventure tours and mountain climbing to the famous Mountain of the moon Rwenzori mountains. Plan to do non-invasive, eco conscious gorilla trekking safari to the Gorilla kingdom of Bwindi and chimpanzee tracking safaris to East Africa’s primate capital Kibale. Tour the source of the Nile the longest river in the world, up to the world’s powerfall waterfalls in Murchison falls, explore the tree climbing lions of Ishasha in Uganda’s most popular nationa park, float above Africa’s wildlife in a hot air balloon, go up north to Kidepo valley park ranked as the true African wilderness, take on the Batwa trail in the south and much more.

Contact any tour company such as Bowi Africa tours and travel to arrange for you the best Uganda trip possible.


Extra tips and Advice

  • Uganda time zone
  • Uganda is +3 on the GMT
  • Avoid riding on boda boda while in Uganda, it’s not safe
  • While in the national parks, please listen to your guides
  • Swimming in Uganda’s lakes is not advisable apart from Lake Bunyonyi which is Bilharzia free
  • Keep yourself well hydrated
  • Carry a torch with you at night while at your hotel or lodge
  • Know the level of physical fitness you

Who to contact for your trip

Hope those tips and advice have opened your eyes to Uganda. Experience the real Africa on your Uganda/Rwanda holiday with us, whether you want to do a safari, tour or just travel around Uganda, we are here for you. You are a Uganda tour operator, we know the region, Uganda is what we are best at and we would love to tailor make that trip for you to that giant African experience you have always dreamt about.








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