When is the best time to visit Uganda?

Every visitor wants to get the best of his visit while in Uganda and here this question arises in his/her head- When is the best time to visit Uganda?  Well whether you’re coming for a safari or not, you can visit Uganda throughout the year due to its wet and hot climate but most clients coming for safari visit in the drier months of June, July, August, early September, and the December to February. But you can also do your safari, tour or travel throughout the year.

What is the best popular safari I can do on my visit to Uganda?

Well for this question, most clients want to know which the best safari I can do in Uganda is but this mostly depends on the clients’ tastes, choice and preferences. Everyone has something different in mind. But this is what most visitors do for safari;

  • The gorilla trekking safari is one of the Uganda’s safaris on every clients bucket list; everyone wants to have this experience of a lifetime to Bwindi impenetrable national park.
  • The Murchison falls safari is popular for its world’s most powerful waterfalls and vast wildlife species it hosts adding on 4 of the big 5 game. Most visitors travelling northwards of the country for mission tour, field tours etc. visit Murchison falls national park on the way and a safari to this park is one of the best rewarding safaris.
  • Chimpanzee tracking safari to Kibale forest national park is another safari popularly done by our visitors to Uganda. Visiting the primates’ capital of East Africa is one of the primatolist’s dreams.
  • Queen Elizabeth safari, everyone wants to visit the national park which was visited by Queen Elizabeth on England when she came to Uganda. This has made Queen Elizabeth national park one of the most popular visited national parks adding on the famously tree climbing lions of Ishasha and its natural wanders.

Contact us if you wish to do one of these safaris or a combo of all of them.


Is it true that I can see tree climbing lions on my Uganda safari?

Lions are not known for this feature of climbing trees like their brothers in the cat family the leopards. But a safari to Queen Elizabeth Ishasha region gives to a chance to spot the tree climbing lions. This region is known for these lions which are mostly found lounging in the fig trees despise there huge body sizes.

What are the driving times and distances on a Uganda safari?

Unlike European countries, driving times and distances are always estimates and vary from location to location. The roads are usually narrower and rough. This increases the driving times and makes the route look longer. Traffic congestion in the cities and suburbs also brings about this.

What vehicle type should I expect on a Uganda safari?

A couple of vehicles are used on a safari depending on the number of the clients, budget, or the choice of the client.

  •  A standard pop mini safari van is always available for safari. It has a pop up roof suitable for a 360 degrees game viewing on game drive,  10 seats guaranteeing 6 people window seats for more visibility on a safari and well air conditioned.
  • A 4X4 land cruiser jeep with a pop roof, its costs at an extra cost but gives a deeper safari experience.
  • A 28 coaster bus capable of carrying a large group of people. All vehicles are available on request.

How much is a gorilla trekking permit?

Inorder to trek gorillas in any of the national parks in Uganda and Rwanda, one needs a gorilla tracking permit. The gorilla permit cost $1500.00 in Rwanda and gives you permission to track gorilla in the volcanoes national parks plus a one hour interaction with the gorillas while a gorilla permit cost $600.00 in Uganda giving you permit to track gorillas in Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks with a one hour interaction with the gorillas. Because of this most of our clients now track gorillas more on the Uganda side easily in Bwindi national park.

Is it safari to do a gorilla trekking safari; Are the gorillas not dangerous?

Most of the clients doing the gorilla trekking safari for the first time have this question in mind and find it nervous to do the trek. But the truth is the gorillas are gentle giants which have been habituated to human presence. Not on any of our safaris has any client got any harm from the gorillas. You are trekking with an armed game ranger in case of any disturbances.

Is it a guarantee to see wildlife on a safari; the Big 5 game, gorillas, chimpanzees and more?

Seeing specific wildlife on a safari cannot be guaranteed while on a safari as animals live in their habitat which is the wild. But our drivers and ranger are knowledge and know where to find animals while on a safari game drive. Chances of missing out on animals are about 1%. Gorillas and chimps have a 99% chance of seeing them.

When should I book my gorilla permit and safari?

You are advice to book the gorilla permits about 3 months before your gorilla tour. This is because the gorilla permits are on a high demand and run out easily everyday especially in the high seasons. To avoid shortage you should book earlier. The moment you confirm your travel dates contact us to help you book your permit.

Are international flight costs included on your tour prices?

No international flights are not included. On tours start and end at your place of residence or airport.

How long does it take to find gorilla on a trek in Uganda and Rwanda?

This usually takes about 30 minutes to a ¾ of the day depending on where the gorillas slept and have travelled in the forest. So you need to prepare for both either a short or long trek.

What type of accommodation do you offer on a Uganda tour?

Accommodation on a safari is always on budget/economy, comfort/mid-range and luxury. It’s you the client to choose which type of accommodation and we reserve that for you as we are well connected to different lodges, campsites and hotels in the region.


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