Kibale Forest NP is located in the western part of Uganda in Kabarole and Kamwenge districts. It is found near Queen Elizabeth NP, Rwenzori mountains and Semiliki national park.

The park covers an area of 795sq km and can be accessed via the Kampala Mubende Fort Portal. It takes a 5 hr drive from Kampala which is 320 km away and the major town around the park is Fort Portal.

The park is covered with one of Uganda’s density tropical forest, grasslands and swamp.

The climate of the park is mainly Tropical hence it’s wet and hot throughout the year with two rainy seasons.

Animals to find in the Park

  • The park has a variety of wildlife which includes 70 mammals species like African golden cats, bush pigs, sitatungas, duikers and many others.
  • It also boosts 13 species of  primates include our close relatives the chimps, the endangered red colobus monkey, L’hoest monkey, blue and red tailed monkeys, central African monkey etc.
  • It consists of the 375 bird species which include white naped grey pigeon, kingfisher, African grey parrot, black bee eater and many others

What Activities to do?

  • The major activity in the park is chimpanzee tracking where a number of chimps can be tracked due to the fact that the park contains one of the most dense population of chimps in Africa. Its either a half day or full day activity according to your demand and our start point is Kanyanchu
  • Birding; the park consists a variety of birds and these can be traced in the nearby bigodi wetland and in the density forest of the park. Birds include sunbirds, tinker birds and nicator etc
  • Nature walks; this can be done in the forest within the park, sebitoli forest camp to look for primates and various birds
  • Cultural visits. Visits can be done to the villages of the batooro people and experience there lifestyle and many other activities.


Accommodation in and around the park ranges for luxury, moderate and budget lodges and camps.

  • Luxury : These include primate safari lodge, kyaninga and ndali safari lodges.
  • Moderate: This includes kibale forest camp
  • Budget: This includes chimp forest house and many others

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