The park covers a total area of 1121sqkm lying on the eastern border with Kenya near Mbale. Mount Elgon has one of the largest volcanic bases in the world, the oldest largest solitary volcanic mountain in East Africa with one of the largest caldera lakes in the world. It is 40km long and 8km wide.

The mountain is shared by Uganda and Kenya with its highest peak Wagagai (4321m) being in Uganda . It is followed by Sudek (4303m), Koitobos (4222m) and Mubiyi (4210m). The park lies over 4000m above sea level and is home to two tribes of Bagisu also known as Masaba and the Sabiny


Mount Elgon is a popular destination for nature lovers providing an exclusive domain for backpackers with numerous birding trails. The extinct volcanic mountain is an important watershed supporting a rich variety of vegetation zones ranging from montane forest to high open moorland. These are studded with the other worldly giant lobelia and groundswell plants.

The recent development of the forest Exploration center at Kapchorwa allows birders access to extensive montane forest as well as the arid savanna around Moroto.

The park has distinct board vegetation types which include mixed montane forest, giant lobelia, bamboo and moorland with about 300 bird species. These include Jackson francolin, lammergeyer, sunbirds, alpine chat, tinker bird, etc. It also supports a variety of wildlife which include forest hog, aardvark, duiker, tree squirrel, bush pig and many others in the area.

What Activities to do?

  • Day walks within the Mount Elgon Forest Exploration Centre.
  • Mountain climbing, hikes and caving.
  • Bird watching and visiting the breathtaking Sipi falls.
  • Sport fishing along Sipi river, rock climbing at Sipi whose river originates from the Elgon Mountain.

How to get there?

A 3-4hrs drive from Kampala to Mbale along Kampala-Jinja road. The trail head at budadiri is only 20km from Mbale and accessible by public transport.

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