Most companies, tour operators have valves they live by but to some they are just mere words, here are our values we live by as a local Uganda / Rwanda tour operator and we put them at heart of everything we do.

Bowi Africa tours and travel values we live by, we look at every day in creating the very best trip for you, values we put at heart in every safari trip we do;

  • Exceptional experience

Anytime you hit our inbox, we know you want to get the very best experience on your Uganda safari or trip. It’s the dream you have had for a long time and have put in a lot to make it come true. At Bowi Africa tours and travel we always ensure that you get the very best giant African safari experience of a lifetime, all our drivers, guides the partners we work with always ensure you get that authentic experience while on your Uganda or Rwanda safari trip or tour and all our decisions are focused on that experience.

  • We value relationship and connections

Most company want to get the penny out of your travel and forget all after you depart, But at Bowi Africa tours and travel we believe relationships and connections created are more stronger than the dollar got out of the trip. That’s why we receive clients who come over and over again because of strong relationships we build with them overtime. We want to be friends with you from the time you visit Uganda till you get back home and forever continue with that relationship. Feedback is essential for this and we do our best to keep in touch all times.

We value our relationship with you the clients, the communities we visit, the partners we work with, the environment we work in, the people we work with and this is what is helping us build a strong leading tour and travel company in Uganda and Rwanda.

  • We value your money

We believe that by the time you decide to come for a Uganda trip or safari, you have saved for it for a quite some time and you want to get value out of every dollar you pay for your tour. So we spend hours ensuring that every “t” is crossed and every “I” is dotted so that you get the best out of your money with any exceptional experience. Be it going for the once in a lifetime gorilla experience, up a mountain or on a walk in the African wild, all out itineraries made, guides ensure that you get value for every dollar you pay for.

  • Honesty

Honestly is one of the values we set importance on at Bowi Africa tours and travel. We ensure that we always provide what we promised for your Uganda / Rwanda travel experience, we do what we say, listen to you our clients and strive to deliver most of your expectations on your Uganda trip. We always communicate to you what you should expect, what we can manage to do and mean what we say for your tailor made trip, in our itineraries and all our staff value this.

  • We value travelling responsibility

Uganda / Rwanda is where we operate so we strive hard not to dilute the local environment in the places you are exploring. We believe in eco-tourism, work for sustainability and conserve the environment as much as we can. We follow the necessary rules put in place because we want you to find the environment next time the way you left it and your future generations to benefit from it, be it if you are on your gorilla safari, game drives, we always do the best to protect and conserve our nature.  So we make it a point that we leave a positive impact on the environment and leaving it harmless whenever we visit a destination with you. So we ensure that out eco systems, locals, wildlife, nature is always left harmless after we leave.

  • We value flexibility

Often times you may want to engage in one or two activities we didn’t include in your travel itinerary but Bowi Africa tours has you always covered. We always go that extra mile if requested by you and become as flexibility as possible so that you get the very best out of your trip. And if it is doable, then we go for it.

  • Authenticity

Bowi Africa tours and travel is a local tour operator based in Uganda, so we provide the authentic safari trip you need. We leave here, we have grown up in this region, travelled to every part of Uganda, we know the local people and much more.

We work with local tour guides, local partners, local drivers so that everything you get is authentic. We believe that one can’t give you the best if he/she is not from that place, that why Bowi Africa tours is locally owned and locally operated by Ugandans.

  • Customer Care

We always love to care for you since you’re in our hands when on your safari tour in Uganda or Rwanda. We don’t want you to feel alone or lonely while with us and that makes us human. All our trips are with a professional driver/guide who always cares for you and is there to be your guardian Angel till the end. We care for every single detail you would wish us to provide for you on your trip and believe it also adds to your experience.

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