Why visit Bwindi Impenetrable National park.

Reasons to visit Bwindi impenetrable national park.

Why should I visit Bwindi Impenetrable national park? What is Bwindi Impenetrable national park? Question you may ask yourself. There are so many reasons to put Bwindi on your bucket list as the next holiday safari destination and this is why.

In the south western park of Uganda is Bwindi impenetrable national park lying in mist covered hills covered by one of the oldest and most biological diverse rain forest “Bwindi Impenetrable forest” where the park derives its name.From the Impenetrable forest, bird watching to mountain gorilla here are some of the coolest reasons that have driven travellers/tourists from all over the world to this park for a Uganda safari and why you should also visit.

  1. Bwindi for Mountain Gorillas

Why visit Bwindi for mountain gorillas? Bwindi Impenetrable national park is home to more mountain gorillas compared to any park on the African continent housing half of the world’s endangered mountain gorillas. More than 400 mountain gorillas remaining in the jungle of Africa are in Bwindi. Bwindi has more habituated mountain gorilla groups (17 groups) to visit compared to the rest of the parks in Africa. More gorilla groups mean more gorilla tracking permits released by Uganda Wildlife Authority per day so that you don’t miss out when planning for your Bwindi gorilla tracking safari experience

Permits go for $600 only that allows you to spend an hour with the gorillas.  Do either a 2 days or 3 days gorilla tracking safari for less than $1000 making Uganda a less expensive country and a cool reason to visit Bwindi.

3 Days Gorilla tracking safari

  1. Bwindi for more time with Gorillas

Why visit Bwindi for more time with gorillas? Apart from the gorilla trekking safari with allows you an hour with a gorilla family, it is only Bwindi that allows you a 4 hour interaction with the mountain gorilla and allows you an opportunity to participate in the gorilla habituation process. The gorilla habituation safari in Bwindi gives you 4 hours with the gorillas, participation in habituation experience at $1500 for a habituation permitcompared to Rwanda that gives you just an hour.

Many of our travellers now opt for and it has been a success making it one of the cool reasons to visit Bwindi.

3 Days Gorilla habituation safari

  1. Bwindi for the best Safari experience

Why visit Bwindi for the best safari experience? For most travellers, a gorilla trekking/tracking safari to Uganda to trek mountain gorillas in the wild is a once in a lifetime experience. Unlike most game viewing safaris, gorilla tracking/trekking requires you to trek in the dense forest of Bwindi outside of a 4WD safari van/vehicle. You clamber through thick vegetation, wet and slippery pathways and more. But finding the gorillas far outweighs the challenges and gives you the best wildlife experience of all time.

This is one of the cool reasons for you to visit Bwindi.

  1. Bwindi for easy access

Why visit Bwindi for easy access?  On your arrival to Entebbe international airport Uganda, you can easily access Bwindi on road for a 9 hour drive on well tarmacked roads in a 4 WD safari vehicle having beautiful sceneries of the country side. Or fly to Bwindi with a domestic flight from Entebbe for just 2:30 hours and the transfer to your lodge by our driver.

The next best option most travellers less think about is the fly in Kigali Rwanda option. You can actually fly in Kigali and have a 4 hours’ drive to the south part of Bwindi into your lodge for gorilla tracking.  Most of our travellers who don’t want to waste a lot of travel time from Entebbe to Bwindi are taking in this as their next best option because its time saving and can allow you have a 2 days gorilla safari option.

Opt for this and save time, fly in Kigali, do a gorilla tracking safari in Uganda. Visit 2 countries on a single safari.

2 Days fly in Gorilla tracking safari Rwanda

  1. Bwindi for more add-on activities

Why visit Bwindi for more add-on activities? Bwindi is strategically located in the south western part of Uganda one of the regions gifted with lots of tourist attractions. Apart from Bwindi gorilla tracking, you can choose a number of add-on activities to do on this Bwindi safari.

From chimpanzee tracking, golden monkey tracking, visit hot springs, mountain hiking, wildlife safari, or simply choose to canoe on the second deepest lake in Africa. All these and more can be added onto your Bwindi safari.

Bwindi doesn’t limit you only to gorilla tracking but offers a variety of add-ons making it one coolest reason to visit Bwindi. Get in touch with us for the best options of add-ons.

  1. Bwindi for affordability

Why visit Bwindi for affordability? Compared to Rwanda’s $1500 for a 1 hour gorilla trek, the Uganda gorilla permit is far less by $900 and is just $600 for a gorilla trek. Uganda gives you a better valve for your money at even a lower cost and that’s why most of travellers have flooded Bwindi for the gorilla safari.

Bwindi also offers more lodging facilities in the areas of Buhoma, Rushaga, Nkuringo, and Ruhija ranging from low budget, mid-range, luxury and exclusively luxurious lodges that fit your budget. You can do a gorilla safari in Bwindi at less the money of a Rwanda gorilla permit just in Bwindi.

Less money more value and why not visit Bwindi. You need a tour operator to help you with reservations of the lodges during your budget.

  1. Bwindi for not just gorillas

Why visit Bwindi for not just gorillas? Although most of our clients visit Bwindi for gorilla tracking/trekking and the habituation experience, there are lots of things to do in Bwindi apart from gorillas. Do birding in Bwindi to see the different bird species(350 bird species) hosted by the park, hiking through the park, nature walks, cycling in Buhoma section, visit the Batwa pygmies who were the first people to live in the forest, have community visit to for neighbouring villages and more.

Discover the whole of Bwindi and its surrounding to add on your gorilla experience.

There are a number of reasons to visit Bwindi but this is what you have for you now and we welcome you to come see Bwindi, the rare gentle giants with your naked eyes and we believe this will give you more reasons tell. Bowi Africa tours and travel organises gorilla tracking safaris to Bwindi and the region of the region throughout the year and you can contact our team for more details about Uganda and Rwanda safaris.


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