Top reasons why you should visit Murchison falls National park on your next holiday.

Murchison falls national park is actually one of the oldest and largest conservation area in Uganda, and arguably one of the top Uganda safari destinations frequently visited by travelers throughout the year. Without doubt Murchison falls is one of the magical hidden gems whose sights and attractions make it undeniably the major highlight for those wishing to do a Uganda wildlife safari.  No matter what you wish to do, Murchison falls got you served. So what are the top reasons for you to visit Murchison falls on a Uganda safari?

  1. Murchison falls for the world’s most powerful waterfalls

Well you might have heard of the Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe, the Niagara falls and wondered what’s the most powerful? Well Murchison falls in Uganda where the park derives its name is believed to be the world’s most powerful waterfall. The Nile River squeezes itself in a narrow gorge of about 7meters and upon visiting the falls on a Uganda safari, you will experience this fierce battle between rock and water with a thunderous roarmaking these falls just magnificent.

Most of the our travellers come to witness and see for themselves this wonder making it one of the top reasons to visit Murchison falls national park on a Uganda wildlife safari.

  1. Murchison falls for world’s longest River Nile

Apart from you visiting the world’s most powerful waterfalls on a Uganda safari, Murchison fall national park is bisected into two by the Nile River the longest in the world. The park offers you yet another opportunity to cruise on the waters of the world’s longest river with its banks rich in wildlife and actually get a chance to sight the world’s second largest reptile the Nile crocodile all on one safari visit.

Cruise on the world’s longest river; sight the world’s second largest reptile, visit the world’s most powerful waterfall all on a single visit and this one of the top reason to come check it out.

  1. Murchison falls for the Big 4 and a total wildlife experience

The extensive savannah grasslands of Murchison falls are home to enormous wildlife species housed by this park. More than 70 mammal species know Murchison falls as their habitat including the Big 4 game. Most travellers want to book a safari to a game park after being assured that they will see lions on their game drive, well Murchison houses the Big 4 that is elephants, buffaloes, leopard and prides of lions also inclusive. Other wildlife sights includes the greatest number of the Rothschild giraffes in the world found in the park, herds of Uganda kobs,  Oribi, waterbucks, the stretched Jaskson’s hartebeest, antelopes, warthogs and more. A visit this this park will definitely reward you with some of the greatest wildlife experience from the time you check in till you check out while on your Uganda safari.

A 3 days Murchison safari can be arranged for you with lodging, transportation, game drives, meals,  all in a one full package.

  1. Murchison falls for strategic location (Rhino tracking) 

Though you could miss out one of the Big 5 game, no and this is why? Murchison falls is conveniently located in the northwest part of Uganda along the route that connects Kampala to Northern Uganda. The rhinos one of the big 5 not found in Murchison falls national park since they went extinct due to poaching are located just adjacent at Ziwa rhino Sanctuary on the same route that connects Kampala to the park. The sanctuary is the only Rhino breeding home in Uganda and this gives you a chance to add on rhino tracking on your Murchison falls safari visit giving you a total Big 5 experience while on your visit.

Track rhinos while on the way up to Murchison falls, have a total Big 5 experience on your Uganda visit and this is one of the top reasons you should come.

  1. Murchison falls for top of the falls hike

The top of the fall hike in Murchison falls is one of the must do activity our travellers ask for always, but why? From your cruise to the bottom of the falls, the cruise allows you only a chance to see the falls from afar which is not with the hike. The hike to the top of the falls gives you the insight into the might power of these falls and a breaktaking experience whereby you board off your boat, hike through the edge of a cliff to the top of the fall while having a closer view of the fierce water rock battle.

The fight between water and rock, the thunderous roar, the trademark rainbow, the break taking photography at top of the falls altogether make is one of the top reasons from you to visit Murchison falls for your next Uganda safari holiday.

  1. Murchison falls for chimps

Not  only does Murchison falls national park award you with the best wildlife experience on your Uganda safari, but also offers you a chance to tracking chimps on just  a single safari. The kaniyoPabido forest in the Southern part of the park is just the place you want to be for your chimp trek. Visitors now find it more rewarding to add on chimps on their wildlife safari to Murchison falls national park allowing them a total new experience.

The Big 5 and the chimps, make it the Big 6 and this why you should visit this park on a Uganda safari.

  1. Murchison falls for easy access

The park is approximately 311km away from Kampala the capital city of Uganda and it takes only about 5hrs to the park travelling via well tarmac roads northwards from Kampala. The park also avails the opportunity to be accessed from every corner since you can enter it from Tangi gate, Mubako, Chobe and Wankwar gates north of the river Nile. So if you’re coming from the North, you can opt for one of the gates and those coming from the South can use the well known route from Masindi to Kichumbanyobo gate or a more scenic route from Masindi to Bugungu gate.

Accessibility is one of the major reasons that our travellers ask for better visiting a place, and you know what; Murchison falls national park got you covered if you visit for a Uganda safari.









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